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Herma 152C

Wrap-around labeler

Wrap-around labeler

Herma 152C

  • The high-Performance HERMA applicator performs reliably

  • Featuring a wrap-around belt and a counterpressure plate, the machine is suitable for a very wide range of cylindrical products

  • Most Settings can be adjusted without tools

  • HERMA quality made in Germany

What sets the Herma 152C apart from others?

This machine is a bestseller: It focuses on the essentials, provides an extraordinary performance, and is quickly amortized. This is ensured by a high-performance applicator and a maintenance-friendly solution featuring a wrap-around belt and a counterpressure plate. If precision is required for especially tricky products, optional roller prism technology can be employed.

Thanks to the compact modular structure based on standard components, these machines can be tailored exactly to the specific requirements of the user Рwithout costing a fortune. The operator ­friendly, ergonomic design, short set-up times and easy format changes make the system even more economically attractive.

Technical Specifications

Labeling type:
Wrap-around labeling

Product specifications:
Cylindrical and free-standing

Product dimensions:
Wrap-around labeling with belt: 30 – 150 x 30 – 250 mm (D x H)
Wrap-around labeling with roller prism: 20 – 100 x 30 – 250 mm (D x H)

With wrap-around belt up to 200 products/minute
With roller prism up to 75 products/minute

Power supply:
230 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 phase (optional)

Compressed air supply:
6 bar

Various hot-foil printers and thermal transfer printers (optional)

Conveyor belt, side guides for products, roller-type separator, applicator, wrap-around belt with counterpressure plate

Optional features:
Transfer plates at infeed and outfeed, movable version, digital position indicators, roller prism with wrap-around roller, aligned wrap-around labeling, outfeed jam check, signal column

Label Specifications

Label dimensions:
15 – 240 x 30 – 315 mm (W x L)