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Herma 362E

Two-Side Labeler

Two-Side Labeler

Herma 362E

  • Two high-Performance applicators ensure high throughput

  • Requires no protective housing

  • High-end sister version from the M series

  • HERMA quality made in Germany

What sets the Herma 362E apart from others?

You are aiming for high throughput but have very little space? The 362E is the ideal solution for this scenario. Offering the best of two worlds, it is versatile, very robust and as good at product alignment and stabilization as its high-end sister version from the M series, with a footprint as compact as the entry-level models from the C series. Extremely short changeover times and an excellent price-performance-ratio make it an ideal candidate for a wide range of tasks.

Technical Specifications

Labeling type:
Two-side labeling • wrap-around labeling (optional)

Product specifications:
Rectangular, flat-arched to oval, cylindrical, free-standing

Product dimensions:
Two-side labeling: 30 – 200 x 30 – 120 x 30 – 300 mm (L x W x H)
Wrap-around labeling: 20 – 100 x 30 – 250 mm (D x H)

Up to 200 products/minute

Power supply:
400 V, TN-C-S, 50 Hz, 3 phases 208 V, Delta 4-wire, 60 Hz, 3 phases (optional)

Compressed air supply:
6 bar

Various hot-foil and thermal transfer printers (optional)

Control panel with 7 inch touchscreen, conveyor belt, side guides for products, belt-type separator, chain aligner, top belt, applicators, wipe-down station

Transfer plates at infeed and outfeed, wrap-around labeling with wrap-around belt and counterpressure plate or roller prism, wrap-around labeling with wrap-around roller and roller prism, moveable version, aligned wrap-around labeling, 3rd applicator, label presence check, product reject station

Label Specifications

Two-side labeling: 15 – 240 x 30 – 200 mm (W x L)
Wrap-around labeling: 15 – 240 x 30 – 315 mm (W x L)