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Herma 414

Top Labeler

Top Labeler

Herma 414

  • No PLC required

  • No control box required

  • Basic unit of the HERMA 500

  • HERMA quality made in Germany

What sets the Herma 414 apart from others?

Optimal results with maximum flexibility: That’s what the semi-automatic top labeler 414 has to offer. This highly compact top labeler with the innovative and powerful HERMA 500 and precise label transfer unit is capable of labeling products with a wide variety of shapes. Best results on flat surfaces as well as surfaces with raised or recessed areas are guaranteed.

For efficient, precise top labeling of small batches, the product is manually inserted into a product holder. It fixes the product during labeling. The moving peel plate then moves the label under the tamp pad of the transfer unit. Once the label has been sucked by the tamp pad, it is precisely applied to the product by the linear transfer unit.

Technical Specifications

Labeling type:
Top labeling, for manual insertion/removal of products

Product specifications:
Rectangular, oval, cylindrical, horizontal, largely stable in form

Product dimensions:
20 – 300 x 20 – 300 x 1 – 280 mm (L x W x H)

Up to 20 products/minute

Power supply:
100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 1 phase

Compressed air supply:
6 bar

Various hot-foil and thermal transfer printers (optional)

Applicator with moving peel plate, linear transfer unit with holder for tamp pad, foot switch for label start signal

Product attachment plate, product holder, label web stopper, pick-up cylinder, tamp pad, digital position indicators, two-hand control for label start signal

Label Specifications

Label dimensions:
15 – 160 x 10 – 100 mm (W x L)