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Herma 362C

Two-Side Labeler

Fast and Quality Service

Herma 362C

  • Compact machine

  • No format parts

  • Modul design

  • HERMA quality made in Germany

What sets the Herma 362C apart from others?

The compact machine for two-side labeling operates largely without format parts, allowing for quick and easy changeovers to different product formats. Two high performance applicators with a pivot peel plate deliver performance and precision. And labeling speed is not only one of the 362C’s defining characteristics – thanks to its modular design, delivery is also especially fast. If required, it can also easily be converted to wrap-around labeling, giving users even more application options

Technical Specifications

Labeling type:
Two-side labeling • wrap-around labeling (optional)

Product specifications:
Rectangular, flat-arched to oval, cylindrical, free-standing

Product dimensions:
Two-side labeling: 30 – 200 x 30 – 120 x 30 – 300 mm (L x W x H)
Wrap-around labeling: 20 – 100 x 30 – 250 mm (D x H)

Up to 200 products/minute

Power supply:
400 V, TN-C-S, 50 Hz, 3 phases
208 V, Delta 4-wire, 60 Hz, 3 phases (optional)

Compressed air supply:
6 bar

Various hot-foil and thermal transfer printers (optional)

Conveyor belt, side guides for products, top belt, applicators

Transfer plates at infeed and outfeed, belt-type separator, chain aligner, wrap-around labeling with wrap-around belt and counterpressure plate, movable version, wipe-down station, 3rd applicator

Label Specifications

Two-side labeling: 15 – 240 x 30 – 200 mm (W x L)
Wrap-around labeling: 15 – 150 x 30 – 315 mm (W x L))