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Herma 362M

Two-Side Labeler

Two-Side Labeler

Herma 362M

  • Easily converted to wrap-around labeling

  • Quick Format changes

  • Safe product guidance

  • HERMA quality made in Germany

What sets the Herma 362M apart from others?

Thanks to applicators that operate at an outstanding speed, an operating concept that enables quick format changes and industry-specific equipment options that leave nothing to be desired. If required, the machine can also label products with difficult shapes when they are centered. On top of that, it can also be easily converted to wrap-around labeling.

Technical Specifications

Labeling type:
Two-side labeling • wrap-around labeling (optional)

Product specifications:
Rectangular, flat-arched to oval, cylindrical, free-standing

Product dimensions:
Two-side labeling: 25 – 110 x 25 – 80 x 50 – 320 mm (L x W x H)
Wrap-around labeling: 25 – 80 x 50 – 250 mm (D x H)

Label dimensions:
Two-side labeling: 15 – 240 x 30 – 200 mm (W x L)
Wrap-around labeling: 15 – 240 x 30 – 315 mm (W x L)

Up to 200 products/minute

Power supply:
400 V, TN-C-S, 50 Hz, 3 phases 208 V, Delta 4-wire, 60 Hz, 3 phases (optional)

Compressed air supply:
6 bar

Various hot-foil and thermal transfer printers (optional)

Control panel with 12 inch touchscreen, conveyor belt, side guides for products, top belt, applicators, wipe-down station

Transfer plates at infeed and outfeed, belt-type separator, scroll-type separator, chain aligner, wrap-around labeling with wrap-around belt and counterpressure plate or vertical moving roller prism, movable version, electronic position indicators, motorized height adjustment, pre-centering station, centering station, print check, bad label return, label presence check, product reject station, transparent safety guard, remote service via internet

Label Specifications

Label dimensions:

Two-side labeling: 15 – 240 x 30 – 200 mm (W x L)
Wrap-around labeling: 15 – 240 x 30 – 315 mm (W x L)